Exitilus was/is a popular MUD BBS Door Game. Exitilus is a fantasy game set in the quasi-medieval period featuring warring kingdoms, PvP combat, character progression, and player equipment. The "goal" of Exitilus is to be the most powerful player in the entire realm, wearing the title of "Realm Master" which brings with it certain spoils.

The final version by Tao Ge (2.05) was riddled with bugs - so much so that the game earned itself an imfamous reputation among BBS's until the 3.XX versions were released by ECI Software. In 2.05 all areas of the game worked, but there were numerous data corruption bugs mostly having to do with the money system that would ultimately ruin the game if used, giving kingdoms and players a very unfair advantage over others. In version 3.XX the game is more stable but is missing large portions of the original.

Exitilus.com aims to be a web-based port based on the 2.05 version of the game. It also aims to be bug-free!